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Return & Refund Policy

Return & refund policy

6.1 You acknowledge and agree that the product that We develop for You is a customized artistic product, and as such a refund or replacement will not be provided if You merely dislike the product. Although we are committed to providing You with a design that You love, we cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction. This is particularly so given the fact you are entitled to the number of free revisions is 3 as per our Terms and Conditions.  Kindly note that Our fees and quotes are subject to change without notice.

6.2 You also agree that if the service is taken from the is in the form of a physical product, then you can return it but on the condition that the service provided by was not according to your demand / In that case, you can return the product in the same situation without causing any damage or use the product, if the product found/ detected used will not be taken back by But the will confirm to you on every setup that the work being done on your order is going on as per your demand so that the scope of the mistake is negligible/ or zero mistakes.



6.3 If the customer decides to cancel the given custom order (within 60 mints from the time of the order placed), then the entire amount will be refunded in addition to the processing fee (10%).

(Specific condition: The may refund your order minus a transaction fee if and only if you purchased service in the queue means the Iyane team not start work on it and not sent a work start notification to you yet. Since the products are digital and there are no means of any actual goods being returned to with the guarantee that the delivered files have been destroyed, therefore all sales are considered to be final and non-refundable once the service has been delivered to the customer).

6.4 If You or another person on Your behalf opens/commences any PayPal dispute, credit card processor dispute or other similar dispute concerning the payment of the fee You paid to Us, You agree to close or withdraw such dispute within 24 hours of us, PayPal or any other relevant provider (“Payment Provider”) providing You with evidence that We have sent You the Product. In the event You do not close or withdraw such dispute, You hereby authorise and direct the Payment Provider to close/withdraw the dispute on the provision of these terms and conditions by Us to the Payment Provider along with a copy of the delivery of the Product to You. Unless Your order has been paid in full you do not own any intellectual property rights to a Product provided by Us. If such payment is withdrawn any intellectual property rights shall be transferred back to the Company. You hereby indemnify Us for any loss or damage suffered by Us as a result of Your failure to comply with Your obligations under this clause. You are entitled to the number of revisions as stated on the Website in respect of the Product purchased by you.

Contacting Us
You may contact us at any time with regard to this statement. You may contact us by email at

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our return & refund policy.



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